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S-12 Microfine Cement Grout

S-12 is a microfine cement based injection grout, mortar, or binder additive, and is supplied ready to use as a dry powder.

Our microfine cement is designed to exacting particle size parameters, and top size particles do not exceed 14 um (micron); and has a d98 of 12 um. The mean particle size is an extraordinary 1.5 um.

The S-12 microfine cement is manufactured locally but the blend can be modified to your request.  It is highly durable, and due to the extreme fineness (if handled correctly), will develop an impermeable nature.

Used with good quality dispersant, it will offer high early, and continued developmental strength, and also provides excellent set times.  The S-12 grout can achieve higher strengths than chemical grouts, and standard cement powders.

It is a very economical solution for either grouting or HPC.

Microfine Cement
Typical Grout Application

Recommended Uses

S-12 is a highly permeable grout, and is suitable for low pressure injection for ground water sealing, or stabilising sand soils,
to produce solid foundations for further earthworks.  It is especially suitable for grouting soils for permanent structures such as dams, tunnels and foundations.
It can be used for rock injection including tunnels, caverns, and mines; and also pre or post excavation injection (civil or mining). Microfine grout is especially useful for repair and rehabilitation for concrete cracks voids, or direct injection into fissures.

It has many “well associated” applications. Being solely derived from cement powder it can have application in High Performance Concrete (HPC) development if desired.

Features and Benefits

S-12 is an extremely fine cement grout. Due to the large amount of micro-fine particles (70% below 3um), S-12 has remarkable penetrative qualities. It has a Blaine surface Area of >1000cm2/gm. This allows penetration comparable to chemical grouts, or allows for accelerated strength development.

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