BMC Microfine was recently invited to undertake remediation and restoration works at the Heritage Listed “St Marys Orphanage” on Adelaide Terrace in East Perth.

BMC’s scope of works included the repair to the aged floor footings which were dilapidated and had become structurally defective.

One of the main requirements was that the works which BMC carried out did not interfere with surrounding structures and would also have a minimum impact on any future excavation works. 

Dig boxes were used to remove the footings and the silty watery soil.  The state of the soil was due to the unusually high water table in the area.

The excavated soil, which was of historical significance, was collected and sifted through by archaeologist’s which were onsite.  All of the findings were recorded and stored.  One of the “treasures” can be seen in one of the attached photos.

Microfine cement footings were endorsed by the engineers as a preferred less obtrusive alternative to concrete.  This method was also chosen in case future excavation works were required.

Underpinning works were also used to stabilise the footings of the outside wall prior to any crack repair or other remediation works being carried out.