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Our Remedial Works Services

As time passes, your house moves.  But the most important thing that moves, is the foundation.  Over time the excess stress that be applied to footings causes them to bend and that stress is transferred to foundation which can compromise the structural integrity of your home.  Here at BMC Microfine, we have experienced engineers who can determine the nature of any cracks, why they occurred and what kind of remedial work is necessary to fix it.

Generally we find that there are a few reasons as to why your structure has moved and we have narrowed it down to either sloppy construction, changing environmental conditions over time, significant structural alterations and sometimes, it’s just old age…

Lucky, we are here to help!

Remedial Works Perth

If you believe that your house has moved and they aren’t just cosmetic cracks appearing on the wall, then you should get it looked at right away.  It is much easier to repair any small damage now rather than significant work later on.

Remedial works on foundations (especially in residential areas) can typically be very cumbersome and cause significant disruption to neighbours and nearby structures.  Here at BMC Microfine, we specialise in Microfine Grout Injection which has a significant advantage being there is no disruption or settlement movement to nearby structures while work is being carried out.  Our grout is classed as non-toxic and non-obtrusive to existing plants and vegetation.   The grout injection process is used to fill voids below slab floors to instate the support that was lost due to soil shrinkage, washouts and a variety of other reasons.


The cost of remedial works varies from job to job.  Give John a call on 08 9303 9297 to organise a site visit and assess your needs.  BMC Microfine is Australia’s premier microfine grout injection provider – Our head office is in Perth but we can travel all around Australia with our team to provide our services.