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When it comes to foundation repair and soil stabilisation in Sydney, underpinning has been the go to method in the past. Compared with traditional concrete underpinning techniques, BMC Microfine’s grout injection technology is mess-free, quick, cost-effective and easy on the environment.

For most residential underpinning jobs, our microfine cement technology will re-level your foundation in as little as a day or two.  Our technicians will find the ideal access point with minimal disruption to the surroundings and you won’t even need to vacate your property whilst works are being undertaken.

The BMC Microfine grout injection method of underpinning requires a preliminary soil test and a structural engineer to identify the work that needs to be undertaken.   After we have completed all the pre-requisites, our technicians will use our Australian based microfine cement grout and inject directly under the foundation to install a concrete block that underpins the structure.


Fill out the contact form with as much information related to your projects needs.  We will endeavour to reply with a detailed quote within 24 hours.


Although our pens and pencils are located at our head office in WA, our expertise and tradesmen travel frequently to the East Coast of Australia.  Our service range in Sydney is a 50km radius from the CBD however for all rural and mining work, please get in contact to discuss travel options.

A great resource for Sydney soil information can be found at the Office of Environment and Heritage.

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