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At BMC Microfine we specialise in soil retention and stabilisation services. Our certified engineers can assess your site and determine the best methods to stabilise and prevent erosion.

A properly installed soil retention system improves safety and saves you money in the long run. We specialise in microfine cement injections which transform sandy soils into stable building sites.

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With any residential, commercial or industrial project, all construction starts at the base or the foundation. And with all our advances in construction, we are still at the mercy of the soil underneath us so we need it to strong and stable. In comes, soil stabilisation!

At BMC Microfine, we inject Microfine Concrete Grout into the soil, without disrupting it, to ensure the soil stays put. Soil Stabilisation can take place before or after construction – we inject the grout below existing structures to retain the soil. Our process allows for deep excavation to be carried out with minimal risk!