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How Underpinning Can Improve The Stability Of A Building’s Foundation

The probability of a building’s foundation being unstable and weak increases with time; if movement surpasses the limit of the footing design, additional stress on the footing can cause them to crack, bend and/or rotate. Such stresses will then transfer to the wall or concrete slab above, leading to masonry cracks and, in extreme cases, […]

The Different Grout Injection Methods

The most usual form of grouting method is referred to as permeation grouting, which in simple terms, involves filling open voids.  Although all varieties of grouting contain some measure of permeation grouting, there are four distinctive approaches: permeation, compaction, fractural and jet grouting. Read below to learn more about each of the methods. Permeation Grouting […]


Permeation Grouting 101

Permeation Grouting: Introduction Permeation Grouting is a general term used to describe a low pressure grouting system that is carried out to fill pervasive voids within the substance/medium being penetrated.  There are significant advantages with using a low pressure injection system, most notably, the lack of disruption and spoil to the surrounds. Equipment Sleeve pipes […]

Cracked Walls – Is It Time To Start Worrying?

If you’re like the majority of the population, when you see cracked walls in your home, you are bound to feel panicked.  Ultimately, wall cracks, whether interior or exterior, can be a tell-tale sign of sign of structural damage, building faults, sinking or damaged foundation and some can be absolutely nothing to worry about.  If you […]

Void Filling WA Museum

Why do we need to fill voids

Voids can cause structures to settle and sink but what are voids and why do they need to be filled? Essentially a void can be anything from a small crack in the foundation to a huge ‘hole’ caused by broken underground pipes rusting away.  There are a number of ways these can occur, some naturally and some […]

Did you know we’re national?

Whenever a business starts out, it is important to focus on delivering a quality product at the right price without sacrificing customer satisfaction.  That’s exactly how we started out at BMC Microfine.  Since 2012, we have focussed on becoming a premier grout injection company by dedicating ourselves to the Perth market and delivering a microfine cement […]

New Partner Site Is Live – Bradford Retaining

Boy are we excited!  BMC Microfine’s big brother, Bradford Retaining has a new, fresh look website.  It’s been a project we have have been wanting to undertake for some time now so we are ecstatic to be able to show off the new website. The new website focuses on showing off that Bradford Retaining is […]

[Video] – Underpinning and Grout Injection 1 Minute

Underpinning, Grout Injection, Soil Stabilisation, Void Filling …. What? BMC Microfine understands that grout injection may sound like we are in the business of grouting tiles but that is not the case.  We have created the video below to show you exactly how we ensure homes and other structures are structurally sound from the ground […]

S-12 Microfine Cement Grout

S-12 is a microfine cement based injection grout, mortar, or binder additive, and is supplied ready to use as a dry powder. Our microfine cement is designed to exacting particle size parameters, and top size particles do not exceed 14 um (micron); and has a d98 of 12 um. The mean particle size is an extraordinary […]