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Cost-effective grout injection technology

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Our underpinning method uses microfine cement grout, which is an Australian based product.  We then inject the grout directly into the ground causing permeation and grout blocks to develop.  Some of the most common reasons we see our customers in Melbourne requiring our grout injection technology are:
Pools right on top of the boundary line
Failed retaining walls
Basement excavations and;
Subsided land below the existing foundation that has given way.

Our installation is a very straightforward and simple process compared to more traditional underpinning methods.  As we inject directly into the ground (under the pre-established footing or core drill through the footing), there is little mess and once the grout has cured, no further sinking or damage can be caused.


Note – Our team can be mobilised Australia-wide for large-scale commercial, civil and industrial applications.  For residential jobs, we will refer you to one of our preferred local partners.


Underpinning is simply the process of putting more, stiffer footings under a property to ensure the fixture is secure and stabilised.  In the residential space, houses need to be underpinned with deeper footings when there is subsidence (the ground has shifted downward).

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BMC were contracted by SMA Projects and Structerre in Melbourne for a permanent grout block retaining structure in the middle of a heritage listed block on the coast in Sorrento.  The reason for the block was to stop the continuing soil erosion.

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This project was delicate as it involved dealing with Heritage, Historical, Environmental and Indigenous departments due to the location of the site on the Mornington Peninsula.  No trees were allowed to be removed or damaged to install the grout block which called for our expertise in injecting directly into the soil with minimal environmental impact compared to other methods.


For further information regarding key soil types, head to

Melton and across to the You Yangs
Brown clay soils that are more easily crumbled at the surface. The rainfall is approximately 450 mm which can be cause for subsidence and sinking footings.

West of Darebin Creek to the mouth of the Yarra River
Heavy grey-brown volcanic soils.

East of Darebin Creek and north of Burwood Highway
The Silurian-derived sedimentary soils have broken down into light grey loams over clay.

South of Burwood Highway
The tertiary sands have formed dark grey sand or loam over clays.

Dandenong Ranges and Red Hill
Red-brown sand intensive soil that are rich in nutrients and exposed to high rainfall.


Although we focus on metropolitan areas within 50km of the Melbourne CBD, we will arrange any necessary travel that is further. A recent project took us to Sorrento, VIC.

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